Top 4 All Around Bushnell Rifle Scopes

Bushnell-Rifle-ScopesScopes are one of those few items that you do get what you pay for. When you think of the name Bushnell the first thought that comes to mind is optics. Bushnell has been making quality optics from binoculars to scopes for well over 50 years. They have come a long way and now even offer Bushnell night vision optics. Bushnell optics offer the best “bang for the buck” (no pun intended), when it comes to quality, durability and price. I would like to give a quick review of my top four Bushnell rifle scopes.

The Bushnell Banner

Bushnell BannerThis may be one of my all-time favorite scopes and I could literally write a short book about this individual scope, but I’ll keep my Bushnell Banner review quick and to the point.

When this scope arrived I instantly set it to my rifle. My first impression was very good. The instructions for mounting and sighting were very easy and simple to set up. It took me only seven shots at 50 meters to zero this scope into perfection. When I fired my rifle at 100 meters the accuracy was just as good as it was at 50.

This scope was made specifically for hunting during the early hours of the morning or the time when the sun is setting, thus how it got its name ‘Dusk and Dawn”. With multi-coated lenses this amplifies the scope brightness and clarity. Thus during the evening hours the hunter can stay a little longer, or during the early morning he could be the first hunter out on the trail.

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The Bushnell Banner has a one-piece tube that is waterproof, fog resistant and sets easy for windage and elevation. The best part about this scope is; for the quality of scope you get the price you pay is unbeatable. Whether you’re hunting rabbit or deer, the Banner is an all-around good choice.


Go Elite – the Bushnell Elite Scope

Bushnell EliteWhen I tested out this scope the first thing I noticed was how clear it was. I put it on my trusty Remington rifle and fired about 50 rounds, and I it was deadly accurate with each round.

This is one of the brightest scopes I’ve ever tested, hands down! It is very bright, so bright that you could use it in the darkest dimensions of the universe. The light transmission is at 95% on the Bushnell 4200, most scopes hardly make it over 90% when it comes to light transmission. I want to make a quick note about scope illumination. The brighter the scope the better it transmits light and with this in mind most scopes cost more money, but the Bushnell 4200 has a great price tag for the brightness of this magnitude.

The modern trend of scopes is to add more: brightness, more accuracy and better optics. This scope has it all. I found it to be simple to use and yet so elegant.

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The 4200 is very durable and rugged, this scope can take a beating and still function accordingly. The adjustments are easy to make and you can very easily adjust for different rounds, windage and elevation. Overall this is one of the best and brightest scopes I’ve ever tested.

A Legend was Born – The Bushnell Legend Scope

Bushnell-legendWhen searching for a Bushnell rifle scope I noticed the Legend had some of the highest rifle scope reviews. I became intrigued with the Legend Ultra series and wanted to get my hands on one of these. It took me a few months but an acquaintance at a firing range had one of these and let me try it out. With the fantastic optics and simplicity of mounting that it offered, it was love at first site. I fired 20 rounds using this scope and hit every target, the longest being at 300 meters. I ended up buying this scope and I have been nothing but completely satisfied. The quality is top notch and it is one of the clearest scopes I ever used.

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This is a one of a kind rifle scope, durable, rugged, bright, crystal clear and waterproof. The scope mounts on nearly any rifle. I used it on my little 22 Remington, but it also could mount on carbines and large frame rifles. I feel this scope is perfect for hunting small-mid-sized game such as deer or even rabbit. Overall the Bushnell Legend is top notch in its class.

Bushnell HOLOsight

I just recently tested out one of these state of the art rifle scopes and I was rather impressed. The Bushnell HOLOsight uses an advanced holographic system that projects an image of an illuminated reticle while at the same time projecting no light.

Some features the Bushnell HOLOsight offers are being waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. The illumination is superb and it fits on near any gun with its Weaver style mount.

The HOLOsight require no zeroing in, it fires up lightning-fast and is extremely bright. This scope offered me instant targeting and that’s what I love the most about it. You just pick one of these up and you’re ready to go. If you’re looking for a revolutionary state of the art new type of sight, than the HOLOsight is your ticket.

Worth Looking Into

These are all great scopes! The optics on all models I reviewed are crystal clear. No bright glares, fuzz nor blurriness. Sharp and resolute in all lighting.

So there you have my top 4 Bushnell rifle scopes. I believe Bushnell makes some of the best scopes on the market for the price you pay. With these scopes you actually feel good and I am confident ‘buyer remorse’ won’t even be on your mind. These models of Bushnell scopes for the money you pay are simply some of the best optics around. If you want a trustworthy accurate scope for shooting needs, Bushnell is the way to go.

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