Pure “Gold” – The Nikon Monarch Scope Review

Nikon MonarchI have been reviewing and writing about rifles and scope since the days I was in the US Army, back in the early 1990s. I’d like to review the Nikon Monarch scopes with a special focus on the Gold series. Nikon has some of the top-rated scopes on the market and, from quality, price, design and optics, they offer the best overall scopes.

Nikon has been making quality optics for over 90 years. When the name Nikon is mentioned most people think about their cameras and binoculars. Since the year 2000, Nikon has been making headway into the hunting and game markets. As of today, Nikon has on the market quality rifle scopes, binoculars, range-finders, and other hunting optics. If you’re a serious hunter, odds are you have tried and tested at least one of Nikon’s quality optics.

Go Pro Go Gold

If you are new to Nikon’s rifle scopes, you can be overwhelmed at first. You’ll notice a few lineups from the Buckmaster, ProStaff and the Monarch. The hunter who is on a budget, but wants a quality rifle scope, may pick the ProStaff scope; this is a fine scope at a decent price. The Buckmaster series offer more features and better magnifications. The Monarch scope is the crown jewel of Nikon scopes – with precision magnifications, light transmissions and a wider variety of features that the other two models just don’t have.
The Nikon Monarch scope has 24 different sub-categories, but I’d like to focus on the Monarch Gold.

I have looked at a couple of the Nikon Monarch Golds, and I’ve noticed they offer exceptional precision and resolution. The only difference in most of these models is the size of the tube. The Gold is a bit pricey but it’s a very nice hunting scope that will serve any hunter well.

The Wonderful Features of Monarch Gold

Nikon wanted to make a hunting scope for the serious hunters – a scope that was rough, durable and offered excellent optics. The Nikon Monarch rifle scope Gold was born. The scope offers excellent tube durability, strength, wide windage and elevation travel. What I really liked about this model is the light transmission rate, which is recorded at a notable 95% (the cheaper model scopes are around 80-85% light transmission). One thing hunters will quickly realize once they are on the hunt is that fog, light reflection, shock and water will not affect this scope in any way. These features come in very handy on cold and foggy autumn days…the last thing a hunter needs is for his scope to fog up once the hunt is in sight!

The Gold scopes offer what they call ‘”Eye Box Technology;” this makes the power magnification four times more powerful and gives the hunter four inches of eye relief. What this translates into is that the further away your eye is from the scope, the less chance you’ll get your eye hit once the rifle recoils. The longer the eye relief the more pleasant the hunt will be.
The optics of the Gold are very bright and extremely clear for the power and objective size. The Monarch series scopes come with an interesting “ED” glass (this stands for Extra Low Dispersion). This is what Nikon has been using for over 20 years on their camera lenses. This feature is mainly used on high power since it doesn’t really benefit the hunter when on lower power. The ED feature gives higher clarity on the power 20X or more setting.

Easy to Carry

I found this scope to be very lightweight, weighing in at around 20 ounces. With the power this scope offers, it is really unparalleled. It is very seldom that one will find a scope with this much magnification, weighing just over a pound. This scope is an excellent choice for the hunters who stalk game. The last thing any hunter wants is to be tugging around an anvil on top of their rifle while walking several miles a day tracking prey.

What More Does a Hunter Need?

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a lightweight, pure perfection scope, the Monarch Gold may be the scope for you. It has a reasonable price tag for the quality that you get. Bright clear optics and a wide magnification range makes the Gold a superb scope. I have noticed higher-end (and more expensive) models are more or less on par with this fine rifle scope. With better glass and more enhanced features the Nikon Monarch is up there with the best of them.

With a lifetime warranty it’s hard to wrong with a Monarch scope. That’s my Nikon Monarch scope review. Good luck with your new scope.



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