The Jewel of Rifle Scopes – Trijicon ACOG Optics Scope Review

Trijicon-ACOG-scopesWhen one thinks of the word Trijicon often what first comes to mind is the military. The reason for this is because Trijicon designs and makes rifle scopes for the military. Since scopes are becoming an essential gear amongst hunters and civilians, this sight is quickly becoming a favorite.

Every scope in Trijicon’s ACOG series is loaded with options. ACOG alone stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, this is the dual illumination system. This gives the shooter different options when shooting during the day or in low light settings.

Simply the Best

This scope was designed with the best materials available, from its fiber optic tubing to its non-battery powered operation. When dusk is setting, the hunter won’t need to search for an extra battery to power up this magnificent scope; it will be bright and visible due to its tritium-lined reticle pattern.

The Trijicon ACOG 4×32, for example, was made for mid-range shooting, making this a favorite scope for both civilians and military alike. The eye-relief this model provides feels natural and makes for comfortable firing.
Here are a few of the models of scopes that fall into the 4X32 range:
Trijicon ACOG TA01NSM
Trijicon ACOG TA01
Trijicon ACOG TA31
Trijicon ACOG TA31F
Trijicon ACOG 4×32 TRTA31
Trijicon ACOG 4×32 TRTA01NSN
Trijicon ACOG 4×32 TA31RSR

Perfect Aiming

The Trijicon TA01NSN and other ACOG scopes offer what they call the BAC or (Bindon Aiming Concept) this make for faster shooting. Let me explain how this works. If a hunter is stalking elk and he spots one in his cross-hairs, he’ll be allowed to engage the target quickly by utilizing the illuminated aiming point. Older scopes used the standard black cross-hairs. The illuminated aiming magnifies the target and when the hunter is ready to fire the aiming point will be already set up.

Gravity Has Little Effect

What I find fantastic about every Trijicon TA01NSN scope is that it has BDC or (Bullet Drop Compensation). Anyone who has ever fired a rifle knows that, over distance, the bullet will drop due to gravity – BDC calculates drop without adjustments. Trijicon BDC calculates reticles for the specific round fired. Once the rifle is zeroed, the sight is set up to aim accurately and at the distance required without any more adjustments to be made. This makes ACOG scopes one of the best sellers on the market.

No Batteries Required

I touched on this earlier, but this is such a wonderful feature I need to address it a bit more. The ACOGs are built with a tritium phosphor lamp guaranteed to shine for 15 years. No matter what the lighting conditions are while on the hunt, this scope will shine bright. One of the biggest complaints amongst hunters is that while on the hunt their batteries often die. No hunter wants to change batteries on his scope while the prey passes him by. With the built in tritium phosphor lamp you will never have to worry about batteries again.

A Few Other Features

Not only is this literally the Rolls Royce of rifle scopes but other notable features make it the king of scopes. The fiber optics adjust automatically for brightness and contrast to the outside lighting conditions. The scope lenses are multi-coated, providing pure clarity without any distractions.

The eye volume is larger than normal scopes, allowing the hunter to speedily target the prey. This large eye volume makes for a more comfortable hunt since the hunter doesn’t have to be glued to his scope – he can be a little away from his scope and yet be positioned accordingly.

Many cheaper scopes claim to be waterproof but, in fact, they are really only water resistant. The waterproofing of these scopes is simply the best. The Trijicon scopes can be submerged in water as deep as a submarine can go (500 meters deep) and come out dry! And no need to worry about fog – with the dry-nitrogen filling, fog is a non-issue.

When searching for a Trijicon ACOG scope for sale, one of the best selling points is durability… and these models are built like tanks. From my hunts and talks with other hunters, one of the biggest complaints is that their scopes are just not rugged and durable enough; military-grade aluminum housing makes these scopes near indestructible.

Other Models to Consider

Trijicon makes a number of fine scopes, and really it all just depends on the hunters needs and the size of the scope he desires. These models are a different size from the standard 4×32 series, but are worth looking into:

  • Trijicon TA11
  • Trijicon TA33
  • Trijicon TA30

You Will Not Be Disappointed

From my experience, this is an all-around excellent scope. While stalking prey in thick bushes or hunting during a snowstorm, this scope can take a beating that other scopes just can’t handle. It is so easy to use that a caveman can operate it, making this ideal for a beginner or the seasoned veteran. Shooting at anything between 75-300 yards is going to be spot-on target. If you’re looking for a top-rated scope with reliability and excellent magnification, you will not be disappointed when purchasing a Trijicon TA01NSN, or any other ACOG model.

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